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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Trading & Investing Guide

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FIFA 20 Trading Guide

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes amongst the FIFA franchise. The fact that you can build any team you want and challenge players from all over the world is pretty fascinating. The downside of all of this though is that the majority of FIFA 20 ultimate team players don’t have enough coins to purchase the players they want to build out their dream teams. Luckily we have a solution for you. We reached out to a popular FIFA 20 ultimate trader in the community on Twitter and asked him to put together a FIFA 20 trading guide with a few tips/tricks to help increase your coins in game. Huge thanks to @TheDuffsFut for putting together this guide for us to share. If you’re a new FIFA trader and or experienced, this guide will be sure to help you increase your coins in the game!

FIFA Ultimate Team Trading & Investing: When is the best time to buy cards?

FUT Trading & Investing relies on the basic principles of supply vs. demand.

This is a basic FIFA 20 trading guide detailing some of the best times each week to buy your investments.

Squad Battles Rewards (1am UK Monday).

There is heavy supply here as both Squad Battles Rewards & Pre-Order Packs are released.

-You can snipe cards (using BUY NOW) at low prices usually 1-1:30 am UK here as the market is flooded with players.

– You can often get fantastic deals by mass bidding at 2-2:15am UK as there are loads of cards expiring at this time after being listed for 1 hour, many of which expire at prices considerably lower than the players market value.

Division Rivals / Weekend League Rewards (8am UK Thursday).

There is also heavy supply here as many packs are being opened – which includes 100k packs.

– The pattern is the same: Snipe 8-8:30am UK & Mass Bid 9-9:15am UK.

– The bonus here is that casual FUT players do a lot of their Weekend League squad building on a Thursday (due to receiving an influx of coins from rewards) and so prices of META [Most Efficient Tactic Available – top tier Weekend League level cards] tend to rebound in price quite quickly from their low point during rewards.

OTW Players

Here is another example of how you can use supply & demand to make profit on FUT.

-OTW cards tend to be at their lowest price after a poor game. [SUPPLY]

-They also tend to be at their highest price 1-2 hours prior to a game. [DEMAND]

By learning these price trends, you can take advantage of them and make serious profits.


OTW Haller on PS4

-Usual price after a poor game: 17k.

-Usual price before a league game: 21k.

Be sure to follow @TheDuffsFut on twitter for a lot more trading tips and tricks to help increase your FIFA 20 ultimate team coins!

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