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Top 5 Richest Soccer Teams in the World

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Here are the richest soccer teams in the world. Soccer is definitely the king of all sports activities and several millionaires and billionaires are prepared to spend a lot of money investing in a soccer team. Beneath is the set of richest soccer clubs on the globe.

1- Real Madrid: 3.2 billion USD

Coming in as the richest soccer team in the world is Real Madrid. Real Madrid is extremely valued in the domestic league like its rival Barcelona.

Nevertheless, inside the Western European arena, “white vultures” excelled to conquer a number of great competitors to once more get on the highest peak.

Real Madrid is among the most effective and wealthiest team in Spain and around the globe. They retained the record for winning La Liga 32 times, nineteen times for the Copa del Rey and nineteen times for the Super Cup.

Within the European level, Real Madrid also was the winner of 11 Champions League titles and 2 the UEFA Cup titles.




2- Manchester United: 3,2 billion USD

Coming in#2 of the richest soccer teams in the world is Manchester United. Manchester United is definitely the English soccer team with the greatest quantity of fans on the globe, specifically in Asia.

They have a track record of 20 domestic league titles in the UK, dozen FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 3 times in the C1 and 1 time of hitting the C3 Cup.

Additionally they had a great era in 1999. Since 2015, MU has got the main sponsor, Adidas, with a 10-year deal valued at up to 750 million united states dollar.


3- FC Barcelona: 3 billion USD

Coming in #3 of the richest soccer teams in the world is FC Barcelona. Real Madrid’s biggest challenger – Barcelona rated third, actually worth € 2 .76 billion ($ 3 billion).

FC Barcelona is the second most powerful football club in Spain, with 24 La Liga titles, 28 nationwide trophies, 11 Super Cups. They already have been in the greatest position five times in the famous UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona members are also possessing two records: 11 times to earn the European Golden Ball and 7 occasions to win FIFA’s Participant of the Year award.


4- Bayern Munich: $ 2.4 billion

Coming in #4 of the richest soccer teams in the world is FC Bayern Munich. Bayern is among the most famous and powerful soccer club in the history of the Bundesliga (Germany). That team continued to have no competitors in the domestic group, after winning the Bundesliga for the 4th time in a row.

Bayern is the pride of German soccer, frequently contributing to the “pillars” of the West German nationwide team and Germany later. They keep the national record with twenty six occasions earning the national championship and Five times earning the national cup.

Bayern also earned the Champions League 5 times, involves 3 consecutive times from YEAR 1974 to 1976 under the famous Franz Beckenbauer.


5- Arsenal: 1.85 billion USD

Coming in #5 of the richest soccer teams in the world is Arsenal. Arsenal is the oldest classic team in London and the second richest in Britain.

The “gunners” have earned 13 times in the greatest league in the united kingdom, doze times the FA Cup champion, 2 times the League Cup champ. The majority of Arsenal’s glory and fame was first achieved under coach Arsène Wenger, that has been leading the team for Two decades.

Also this is the invincible team in 38 matches during the season 2003-2004.

I hope this article help making your soccer watching time an enjoyable experience ! If you need any info please leave comment below.

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